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Welcome to Marginal Design in Oakland, California.
   Marginal Design manufactures and prints products made from polypropylene sheet. Polypropylene is a thermo plastic that comes in different thickness', colors, and surface treatments. These material differences allow a designer to make a unique product. At Marginal Design we carry a product line that may fit your needs, if not, we can design just for your packaging need.


pic of t-zoid case

A trapezoid shaped attaché case.

pic of lunch box

The lunch box can be printed with your logo.




pic of clone kit

The Clone Kit® is a product for home gardeners. It's made from 45 gage clear polypropylene.

pic of violin executive

An attaché case that is liked by young musicians. Screen printed with musical themes. To see more go to the- MUSICAL DESIGNS PAGE


A promotion case 11.5 x 9 x1.5 deep. Made from clear poly.

We now have a line of clear poly hat boxes. These hat boxes are shipped flat and are easily assembeled-no tools required. Check them out here- HAT BOX PAGE

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  All designs, both structural and graphic (in most cases), are copyrighted. The copyrights for these unique designs are held by Marginal Design. E-mail us for more information.