The View Thru™ insect trap allows the monitoring and counting of captured insects from the outside of the trap.   The VIEW THRU insect monitoring system.  

Marking, counting and dating can be done from the outside with a Sharpie marker.

  This Trap design is based on the common delta trap design. The trap is made from transparent Polypropylene in different colors. As with the common delta trap the inside is coated with adhesive to hold the captured insect . From the outside a count can be made and noted on the trap itself.  

This is the smaller Jackson style insect trap. It measures 3 3/4" x 5" on each side. This VIEW THRU™ trap is made from transparent polypropylene. It is easily assembeled using push together polypro fasteners. There is an integrated hanger strap that can be fastened to a fence, tree branch, nail, or can be stapled into any wooden surface.

This style trap is designed to allow a sticky pad (not shown in these pictures) to be slipped in. This removable pad can be replaced as needed.

  These traps (and the fasteners) are made from polypropylene and can be recycled. The recycle number is 5.